Thursday, November 11, 2010

10 Riskiest Places to Give Out Your Social Security Number

I recently read an article that speaks about and lists the 10 Riskiest Places to Give Out Your Social Security Number. From colleges and banks to government to medical offices, the list runs the gamut or common places that you basically either have to use your social security number as an identifier or that your number is listed regularly on a variety of common forms, etc.

With the rise in identity theft and the convenience (to the companies) in mind, what's a person to do to protect yourself?

What can be done? For starters, regularly monitor your credit report for suspicious activity

Also, ask the company or agency that you are dealing with if your social security number is required. You'd be surprised at the responses that I've received what I asked if it's needed and they say, "No. That's just on there."

Getting and reading a copy of the company/agency/business' privacy and/or confidentiality policies helps understand what the company that you are dealing with is actually going to do with the information.

Of course, online identity protection and security could take a series of articles and is not covered in this story.

For more information on your Social Security Number and what to expect, you can check out this link.

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