Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nashville InfoSec CTF

A colleague of mine and myself will be hosting a Capture the Flag competition at this year's Nashville InfoSec.

You can register a team as an individual or as a group. This event is geared to accommodate people within a wide range of skill sets and experience. The goal for this CTF is to provide an educational experience with some friendly competition.

The CTF consists of a vulnerable network environment that can be exploited to gain access to different areas where flags will be hidden. Details on the flag format will be presented at the time of the challenge. The structure will be set so that each flag has a value proportionate to the level of difficulty in achieving it. The CTF will run for a fixed amount of time and whichever team has the most points at that time, wins!

Teams will need to bring their own laptops, but network jacks will be provided. This will be a closed environment with no access to the Internet. Wireless connectivity may be provided by the venue, but if you chose to connect to both the CTF and wireless Internet, keep in mind what network you are attacking. Attacks against the venue's networks is not permitted and will be grounds for disqualification.

Each team is welcome to bring whatever arsenal they have compiled, but all vulnerabilities can be successfully exploited with the BackTrack live ISO.

*Please register your team by September 10th, 2011. You can register by emailing with the team name and number of team members you have. Limited space is available.

Email or with any questions concerning the event.

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