Wednesday, October 12, 2011


This year was DerbyCon's inaugural year and after attending, I can say that it was an incredible conference!

The idea behind putting on DerbyCon came about from conversations that Dave Kennedy (ReL1K), Martin Bos (PureHate), and Adrian Crenshaw (Irongeek) were having at a recent CTF event in Louisville. Their motivation arose from a desire to see more of the "old-style talks" and events of the conventions of the past.

From the moment when we arrived until the time that we left, there was never a lack for something to do. Top notch talks ran all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning.

There was also a CTF event, which ran from after the keynote on Friday until Sunday at noon. It's an event that is easy to get caught up in.

Another event that was running simultaneously was a lockpicking village where people, myself included, leaned some of the basics of picking locks and the fun sport that that can be.

A lot more can be said, such as the openess and feeling of comraderie that existed but for those who missed it, Dave Kennedy has a wrap up post here.

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