Monday, September 24, 2012

Nashvilel InfoSec 2012 Capture The Flag

This past September 13th saw the culmination of all of our hard work pay off as my colleagues and I put on our (and Nashville InfoSec's) 2nd Capture the Flag challenge.

This years challenge differed from last years in that there were no servers to attack, but instead, a series of 13 challenges was developed for the attendees to tackle. Of the 13 challenges, 8 were downloadable (below in green) for the conference attendees to take with them so that they could attend other talks and still work on the them.

The challenges, which covered different types of hacking were:

Challenge 1 (Flag Ridden App)           Web Application / Database
Challenge 2 (ModifyMe)                      Reverse Engineering
Challenge 3 (DiabloMania)                  Network Forensics
Challenge 4 (User Reports)                  Web Application / Database
Challenge 5 (Jurassic Park)                  Obfuscation / Data Forensics
Challenge 6 (TheScrambler)                 Reverse Engineering
Challenge 7 (File Reader)                     Web Application
Challenge 8 (War of Information)        Obfuscation / Encryption Tools
Challenge 9 (Not Authorized)              Web Application / Encryption Tools
Challenge 10 (The View)                     Web Application
Challenge 11 (What's your status?)      Network Forensics
Challenge 12 (Thoreau)                        Obfuscation
Challenge 13 (Rick Roll)                      Obfuscation

Most of the participants in the challenge (including 2 teams sent by CHS) stayed in the CTF room throughout the conference, each team battling it out for the top spot.

At the end of the day, a team, TABC, which was made up of individuals without a team came in first place.

All in all, from all of the feedback that we received, this was a great day. Everyone had fun and seemed to really enjoy the CTF.

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