Thursday, October 18, 2012

SkyDogCon is almost here!

Wow, I can't believe that it's already time for SkyDogCon. It seems like DerbyCon was just here. Well, I guess that it was, but I haven't had time to post anything from it yet.

Anyway, SkyDogCon is only 7 days away and we just secured our tickets. The conference which if from October 26-October 28th  states "SkyDogCon is a technology conference held annually in Nashville, TN. It is for the individual with the Renaissance Mind. 

It mixes Hacking and Making with a healthy dose of technology. SkyDogCon exists to facilitate learning, information sharing and mingling with like-minded people in a relaxed atmosphere."

Regarding the host, if you've never met SkyDog, he is a great guy and is the real deal. I've had the pleasure of meeting him way back at another conference for which he was involved, and got a chance to speak with him again in Louisville at DerbyCon this year.

SkyDog brings the best of what people like in other hacker/security cons and leaves out the "stuff" that don't seem to work.

In looking at the speakers and events that are linked up, this looks to be a great con.

See everyone there!

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